So you get a loan without problems

Those who are debt-free and do not have a negative entry in the credit bureau, can usually be sure to get a loan without problems. However, who needs a loan, is not always as clean a vest as most banks would wish. But you can get a loan without any problems even if the conditions are not quite optimal.

Collateral and guarantees make the loan possible

Collateral and guarantees make the loan possible

Who needs a very high loan amount or has to choose relatively low rates, because the income is not enough for more, need not fear that a bank therefore rejects the loan application. As long as sufficient collateral exists, one can certainly count on a permit. This security can also be covered by guarantees, for example. In this case, a person agrees to step in for the loan if it comes to a default on itself and the monthly installments would be repayable. Of course, a guarantor must be aware of his responsibility and risk, and not be light-hearted about his role. If you can provide a guarantor, chances for a loan increase without problems. The situation also looks the same if you have a lot of property of any kind. This does not always have to be a home or an expensive car, but it can also be covered by art – which may well be a high-quality painting – that you have at your disposal. This property passes to the bank if the debtor no longer provides his services.

Credit without problems even with little income

If you have neither high collateral or a guarantor, you can still secure a loan with a realistic and proportionate amount. You always get a loan without any problems, even if the loan amount fits the income and you can make the repayment without major restrictions in everyday life. As long as the bank does not have to fear the sudden insolvency through a present and long-term employment contract, there are hardly any reasons to refuse a loan. Getting the loan approved is always a matter of proportionality. Not always, the sum must be double digits and far exceed your own repayment options. Even small loans are often used and can often even be paid back within a year.