A personal payday loan to make the balances in January

Temptations are numerous during the sales period. And now that we are in mid-January, the offers will become even more attractive. But what about your budget? If you do not resist the attraction of -40%, -50%, … a personal payday loan may be useful.

A personal payday loan can be used to make balances

A personal loan can be used to make balances

A personal payday loan is a consumer credit in the non-vouchers installment class. It means that it can be contracted without a specific goal. It is therefore entirely possible to use the money thus borrowed to make the balances.

You have until January 31, 2016 to make good deals. You can compare personal payday loan offers on before you decide to finance your purchases.

But it can also be used for many other things

payday loan

In fact, apart from having fun during sales, an installment loan without proof can be used to finance any project or purchase. If you have a big event to organize as a wedding. Whether you want to improve your home by buying new furniture or revising the decor, … The personal payday loan is the solution that allows you to not touch your reserves.

An alternative, the money reserve

An alternative, the money reserve

This is another form of credit without proof. It differs from personal payday loan in particular by the fact that the rate of repayments is not necessarily constant. Moreover, the sums you reimburse again become available to be borrowed again. For more information, see our comparison of cash reserves.

If you have doubts and you do not know which formula to choose, our guide “I need a credit, yes but which one?” Can certainly help you.

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