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When it comes to finance, information is everything. The first step in organizing your budget, investing wisely and making better use of your money is understanding the basics about the financial world.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not a seven-headed creature. Just look for the information in the right sources, reliable and best suited to your financial profile (beginning, intermediate or advanced investor).

Automatic organization of your accounts

Automatic organization of your accounts

Good Finance is an automatic financial control tool that makes it easier for you to organize your budget. To help you further in this task, Good Finance maintains this blog, which brings tips and information relevant to the universe of Personal Finance.

Here you will find tips for organizing accounts, debt relief, making investment decisions and setting the best financial strategy for you.

Women’s Finances: Tips for Women


The Women ‘s Finance focuses on the female audience that is interested in personal finances and has some planning in sight – marriage, small children, newly married, newly separated, among other sections. For each of these themes, the site offers guidance related to finance.

At the finance website, the reader can download two spreadsheets, one for wedding planning and another for personal finance. Both already have defined entries and the expense columns configured. Therefore, the user should only fill in the values.

The website also has online calculators, which allow you to evaluate investments, how much should be saved to reach value and currency converter. In the first two cases, you need to have the interest rate. There are also sections dedicated to entrepreneurship, investments, beauty, leisure, children and financial education.

Good Lender: multiple services

Good Lender: multiple services

Good Lender is a portal of financial news and personal finance. The main source of information is the news produced by content agencies such as Bloomberg, Reuters and Estadão.

In addition to the material news, the finance website offers a number of tools for the user. The so-called calculators allow you to do several calculations: retirement planning, FGTS calculation, debts, credit card interest, home budget, car insurance simulation, among others.

For all these categories, the user should only provide the required data for the calculations. The calculators are hosted on the site and can not be downloaded by the user.

Exclusivity for those who are initiated

Exclusivity for those who are initiated

Economic Value brings together the reports and analysis published in the printed version of the newspaper plus the exclusive online material of one of the main economic vehicles of the country. The reader of the finance website can read five monthly texts for free, by completing a registration. These texts are identified with a key. The texts without the key are freely accessible.

The coverage covers topics such as markets, credit, investments, pension plans and monetary policy. The texts are for beginners and who already have knowledge of the financial market. It is possible to sign up to three newsletters: newspaper of the day, most read and technology and communications (weekly).

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